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Meet Kathryn

Clinical Supervisor

Kathryn Thompson is a Registered Psychotherapist with a Master’s in

Narrative Therapy from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor’s in

Psychology from Queen’s University. With over two decades of experience

she specializes in trauma therapy and provides clinical supervision to

qualifying Registered Psychotherapists (RPs) and therapists who are

interested in growing their experience working with complex trauma and


Clinical Supervision: As a clinical supervisor, Kathryn is dedicated to

guiding therapists in enhancing their trauma therapy skills through a

collaborative and reflective approach. She emphasizes ethical practice and

professional growth, ensuring that supervisees develop a comprehensive

understanding of trauma and its profound impact on individuals' lives.


Trauma Therapy: Kathryn works with psychogenic and developmental

trauma, interpersonal trauma, and medical trauma. Her therapeutic

approach is integrative, utilizing multi-modal techniques to support

clients' growth and emotional well-being.

Neurodiverse Practices: Kathryn's approach is inclusive, recognizing the

importance of tailored interventions to foster positive outcomes for

neurodiverse populations. Kathryn adapts strategies to provide appropriate



Education and Certifications:

Master’s in Narrative Therapy: University of Melbourne.

Bachelor of Psychology: Queen's University.

Behavioural Science Technology Diploma: St. Lawrence College


Supervision Certification for the CRPO.

Safe and Sound Protocol, Brainspotting Practitioner, Death Doula, Intimate

Partner Violence Risk Assessment, Cybercounseling, Trauma Counseling.


Kathryn is committed to fostering the growth of other mental health

professionals through her expertise in trauma therapy and clinical


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