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Supervision & Coaching

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I am available to see qualifying therapists looking to obtain hours for CRPO or OCSWSSW members. 

I am currently overseeing students, new grads and seasoned therapists. My experience and approach is very eclectic. I see a diverse population and have 10+years of experience in Social Services, Career Counselling and working with Complex cases. I have also worked in Treatment Centres as a Psychotherapist specializing in Addictions.

I see Children, Adults, Couples and Families. Incorporate Art and Play therapy in my sessions with children, CBT, IFS, Somatic,Trauma Informed work,Inner child work  and Mindfulness with Adults.

I work with BPD,Anxiety, Depression, Complex issues, ED,DID, Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia, Suicide Ideation, Addictions. 


Individual Supervision- $150/hr+hst for 60 mins

Dyadic-$100/hr+hst for 60 mins

Group- $65/hr+hst for 90 mins



Finished my Psychotherapy program! Yay :)

Now what?

They never taught us anything to do with business in our Program, now we are stuck not knowing how to start a business. 

I am here to help! My background is very diverse. I have had several businesses for the past 20+years and was able to make my Business automated while helping others, and you can too. 

The difference between myself and other business coaches is that this is not my first business and also I have not been in the field of Psychotherapy for 10+ years. 

I was able to finish my Psychotherapy program and in only 1 year being in the field I was able to walk away from it and go on Mat-leave while still being able to have the comfort knowing my business was running without me. 

I have Facilitated many Entrepreneur workshops and even created a Women's Entrepreneur group with over 4500 members in less than 1 year. The great thing about having a Practice is you are able to help people but also have a practice where it can run without you.

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We're here to help!

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